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I am a software craftswoman.

I take pride in writing automated tests first (both acceptance and unit tests) followed by production code. When I write code I try to convey a story so that others can understand it. I believe that pull requests are not a way to criticize your coworker’s code, but are a way to gain new perspectives and learn from one another. I believe in equal pair programming such that no pair dominates the other and no one is left behind. I rebase, make small commits, and push often.

I am currently teaching myself iOS programming by creating my own app. Check it out on github. I also help organize a local user group, DSMWebGeeks, which meets monthly.

When I’m not coding, I partake in yoga, acrobatic yoga, rock climbing, biking, traveling, and food comas.

I work at Pillar Technology as a software artisan. My current programming hobby is Swift.

Most importantly, I love what I do, but I also love when I’m not working. :)