23 Jan 2020

tech lead resources & tidbits

A couple days ago I posted a tweet asking the twitterverse for suggestions on useful tidbits and resources on how to be a successful tech lead, and, WOW! Thank you to everyone for the overwhelmingly positive responses. I compiled a list of resources that everyone recommended including a few of my own. Here’s the tweet, if you’re interested in reading the thread! Looking forward to referencing these resources as I embark on this exciting new journey!!


Blog Posts/Articles

Twitter Threads


Useful Tidbits:


  1. Block off time on your calendar in advance to think about the big picture. 2. Understand what management actually wants, so that you can prioritize the parts of the work that can actually be finished. 3. Your team has adults; treat them like adults, be honest with them.


When I first took this role, I learned the hard way that I could no longer take responsibility for delivering specific tasks, and especially no task where the cost of delay is high. I focused on staying responsive to the group and doing little things to get them out of the way.


Meet people where they are - the type of leadership people need is different for everyone so be empathetic to this while steering the ship.✌🏼


1:1’s are sacred and should never be rescheduled/cancelled.

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